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:: Saturday, January 15, 2005 ::


| Patrick 3:23 PM -=- |

Livejournal's Not Been Doing So Well Recently, Now Has It?

Tonight I sang a baby girl to sleep with the Hymn of the Fayth twice. In neither case was the baby girl Siobhan, oddly enough.

Also, the day before yesterday, I finally got some more writing done! However, I don't know how much of an audience there is for Lanni/Almenten Gameverse smut.


:: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 ::


| Squeemu 6:01 PM -=- |

I Saw Return of the King! I Saw Return of the King! I Saw Return of the King!

I have just one thing to say. One thing that is spoiler free, anyway. Samwise is my hero.


:: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 ::


| Baconfat 9:54 AM -=- |

"If Any Of My Circuits Or Gears Will Help, I'll Gladly Donate Them..."

Conversation with Mom today about organ donation:

"You have to talk to the school you're going to donate to. They won't take your brain unless you got a 90 average."
"Yes, well, it seems to me that a 90 is pretty arbitrary. A 90 is whatever the teacher decides is a 90. I don't know why they even bother using percentages!"
"They should just give you a smiley face, or a frowny face."

The "arbitrary 90" thing is a reference to this article from The Toronto Star about university marks and the double cohort.

I picked up an organ donation card at the school where I take Biology, after a class that ended with my teacher making the powerful statement that, "If you're male, urine comes out of your penis. If you're female... it doesn't." (This same teacher once described the cerebellum as, "This funky, bumpy thing." Yeah.) They seem to be running some sort of donation campaign there. I lost the card they gave me when I first got my driver's license, so I thought I might as well pick one up while they were handing them out. My decision to do so, I assure you, had nothing to do with the fact that they used a Star Wars poster with a C3PO quote to promote organ donation. Actually, it was mostly based on the fact that the drive to that particular school is long and sometimes scary, and I have the feeling that if I get into a car accident, it'll most likely be on the way home from there.

In conclusion: three cheers for organs. And, because this is such a somber and serious topic, I leave you with this.

And if anyone's interested, my spoilerrific thoughts on The Matrix Revolutions can be found here. Let's just say that I'm kinda disappointed.


:: Friday, November 21, 2003 ::


| Patrick 8:08 AM -=- |

Hmm. Something I Forgot...

The Tape only post! Yes, despite the crossposting, you won't see this on Livejournal! ...this doesn't make it any more interesting, though.

The half-hearted musing on sexual politics below made me realise something. In my pet fandom (wonderful, lovely pet fandom... I still hold firmly that Utena is scientifically provable as the best anime ever, and I'd like to also point out that utenadrabble is scientifically provable as the coolest community on LiveJournal), we really don't have to worry about that sort of thing, because... well, everyone's canonically bisexual, except for one or two people who are canonically gay. You really can't complain "omg where's the maleslash?" when the series itself basically hands it to you.

Of course, the downside of that is that I've never seen a completely straight Utena fan, of either gender.

Points to ponder.


| Patrick 7:29 AM -=- |

EREMENTO! KATACULYSUMOSU! / Been Thinkin' A Lot Today...

I have every intent to crosspost this to my livejournal. So, if you've already seen it there, there's nothing new here. I didn't even change much about this introduction. The title comes from, variously: Utena's Allegory, Allegory-er, Allegory-est, which is a really weird name for a song but a perfectly normal name for a Duel Chorus, and ends with the chorus (and probably the listener) chanting "Guui! Guuwa! Guuesuto!" and finding nothing strange about this; and Ben Folds Five's Army.

So. Things I've been thinking about.

To some extent, a fish is a harder pet to deal with than a cat or dog. You can communicate with a cat or dog. You can stroke the cat, showing that you approve of her, or shout at the cat, showing that she's done something you disapprove of. (Yes, I used those words intentionally, to show approval of cat and disapproval of the actions taken by cat, never disapproval of cat. Because I am ridiculously soft and fluffy like that.) And the cat can purr, showing that she approves of your current actions, or hiss, showing that she disapproves of you. (That one's because I think cats are really really vicious, much though I love them.) So it's easier to see how cats or dogs are doing, and they're somewhat more rewarding. Then again, maybe I'm biased in that I kept fish that lived a month, and had two wonderful dogs that were my constant companions for twelve to thirteen years. Man, I loved those dogs. I think they were a big influence on the way I am today.

I've also been thinking of lemon fanfics. One thing you get to see, even in non-lemon fanfics, is the romantic inclinations of the author worked out in the romantic intentions of the characters, no matter how hard the author tries to keep herself out of the characters and let them be themselves. (At times... not very hard.) So you get straight men writing het fanfic, because that's the relationship they know about, and yuri fanfic, because girls are hot. And straight women writing het fanfic, because that's the relationship they know about, and yaoi fanfic, because guys are hot. Most of the time, this resolves itself pretty easily, in semi-believable het and completely incredible (not in the good way) yaoi/yuri. In those cases, it's fairly inoffensive. The strange thing is; when you've got a really good writer, who writes with character, setting, and theme in mind, who thinks about these things... and remains guided solely by the romantic/sexual proclivities the author shares.

Even if you're not looking for it, when a straight male author does these things, it's pretty easy to see. "Hang on. All these relationships have at least one girl in them." And there's no problem with that - I'm not one of the fangirls who believes that "since I am heterosexual, I don't particularly like reading or writing maleslash" equals "OMG I AM HOMOPHOBIC". After all, magi doesn't like any romance. Should I call her heterohomophobic? (...I really need a better word for that. Hmm. What's the Greek word for "and"?)

Still, I wonder what the sexual politics of that setting are. When it's a straight male writing het/yuri only, the homosexual relationships between the girls seem to be only... killing time, as 'twere. You know, the age old patriarchal view of "girls only commit lesbian acts (lesbian acts, not lesbian people) when they can't get a good man". When it's a straight female writing het/yaoi only, it's almost the opposite... the heterosexual relationships between men and women are a Second Chance Draw, in a sense, because the man couldn't acheive the slashbait of his dreams.

Of course, this is by no means true of all authors who only write het and yuri or het and yaoi! If I was saying that, I'd be like those people who try to define 'why people write slash'*.

Still, I've observed it in a few places, and I don't know if it disturbs me or not. Certainly raises some questions.

Moving on.

Trying to get a grasp on Saionji's eloquence, or lack of, is messing with my head. This is the man who responds to his best friend/hated enemy (god I love that dynamic) with one-word statements about some things he cares deeply about, who gets barely any actual speeches and most of the ones he does get are comic relief, and who mostly expresses himself with grunts. But his most precious possession is his exchange diary, which he constantly mentions as being where he "shares himself completely" and "shows his true self", and indeed, when Utena reads it, he's written quite a lot. But is it just writing? Is it the subject matter? Is it that Touga isn't around? I swear, he's the least comprehensible of the whole damn Student Council. Him and his green hair and... er... badly coloured pants.

On a final point, let's assume that I am, in fact, blocked on NaNo. What do I do? Struggle on regardless? Give it up as a bad job and try again next year? Give it up as a bad job until such time as I'm inspired again, and if that happens to be within November, run hard for the finish line? Try to write a completely different 50,000 word novel in eight days? Watch more Utena?

Myriad questions. Very few answers.

* The answer is 'because we wanna'.


:: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 ::


| Baconfat 7:26 PM -=- |

Like Two Trippy Peas In A Far Out Pod

Why? Because I enjoyed the Scooby Doo movie, and thought that line was hilarious.

I'm hoping to get around to finally watching the final episodes of DBZ sometime soon, and because of that I've been thinking a bit about some of my favourite moments and scenes and episodes and fights. I got to thinking about some of the similarities between Seifer and Vegeta, what with the more or less one-sided rivalries, and the glory complexes and the twisted personal relationships and the screwy codes of honour, and that scene where Perfect Cell is throwing a few practice punches to try out his new body and Vegeta makes that comment about swatting flies -- and then I realized that I was, in all seriousness, comparing Squall Leonhart to Son Goku. I think there is something seriously wrong with me. Consider yourselves warned, folks: heavy doses of DBZ, besides turning you into an emotional mushhead, can lead to making scary mental comparisons between Ultimecia and Frieza. Yike!

Back from Egypt! In case you, uh, hadn't picked up on that. I managed to last until the second-to-last day of the trip before being struck down by illness. Go me? It's okay, though, because by then the combination of sun, smog, plane travel, bus travel, scary traffic, being run ragged by the tour group, innumerable metal detectors, and awe had turned me into a vegetable anyway. I'll have things to say about the trip at some point, and about Revolutions, too, but for now all I can say is that the trip was AWESOME to the X-TREEEM and I have to go lie down now. The illness I thought I'd chased away earlier came back, and brought along its older brother, who is bigger and meaner and named Bruno.


:: Monday, November 10, 2003 ::


| Patrick 1:48 AM -=- |


Well, you tell me what sound effects tumbleweed makes.

At any rate... I would have posted this on LJ, but LJ is read only for a while. So I'm posting it here.

(clears throat)

World, I'm thrilled that you're giving me a new social life. I love the idea of going places with new friends and meeting old friends more often.

I like that you're pushing me to develop my old interests and my new ones. I want to take up tai-chi again, and I want to start learning kendo, and I want to improve my cookery, and I want to improve my writing.

I can even see that the occasional really irritating confrontation you throw at me builds character.

But world?


As a matter of fact, I'm more annoyed about the 'occasional really irritating confrontation' than I said above. I really should make a nice relaxing playlist so that I don't flip out and destroy Adelaide.

And now, back to the tumbleweed.


:: Thursday, November 06, 2003 ::


| Baconfat 1:42 PM -=- |

Nothing To See Here

I saw Revolutions I saw Revolutions I saw Revolutions!

Also, Squeem and I are off to Egypt, as bizarre as that sounds. So go see Patrick at his livejournal. For the next ten days or so, The Tape is tumbleweed city.


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